Crane Safety Products

Crane Safety Products

Crane Safety Products Crane Safety Products Crane Safety Products

The source for all your Crane and Industrial Safety products

Crane Safety Products

Crane Safety Products

Crane Safety Products Crane Safety Products Crane Safety Products

The source for all your Crane and Industrial Safety products

Welcome to Crane Safety Products.

Established in 2014 was the foundation of what Crane safety Products is today , Our vision and drive to improve safety  within the many  Industries throughout Australia and the South Pacific.

Our Product Range includes broad range of products for Proof load testing of Structures, Cranes, Platforms and Gangways, load movement indicators,Rated Capacity Indicators for Industry, weigh load systems and Crane Safety Indicators, On Board weighing systems, Specialist Wireless Camera systems for the Building and Construction Industry, wired Camera Systems for Plant and Equipment and LED and Safety Lighting to assist your fleet and personnel are free of harm whenever operational . 

All of our products maximise the latest technology and are of the highest standard to ensure quality and safety isn't compromised 

and it works, when you need it to work the first time, every time. crane service crane safety systems

Products & Partners

Water Bags and Load Cell Hire, Service and Sales


Australia's Biggest Supplier of Water Load Bags, Gangway/Platform Test Kit Bags, Life Boat Davit testing equipment , Load Cells and Air Lift Bags 

we have the range and the Engineering to meet your every need. 


Rayco Wylie Crane Safety Systems


Providing  holistic Monitoring Systems for Categories of Cranes, the current product range includes the i4000,R180,R147,i4300 and the i4500 series of systems.

The Complete Range of Systems is Designed for practical use, without the need for specialist hardware or software with calibration and operation performed through the unit itself. 

Load Cells, Load Pins and Weighing System Technologies


At Euroload Limited we strive to use the latest in technology to provide the most up to date product for the application.

Customer driven to see what is possible/practical for the individual application.

Our new product range has been designed by listening to our customers’ needs and delivering this in a cost effective, safe, reliable product.

On Board Weighing Solutions


 Scale and Control Inc. provides industrial product solutions that enhance productivity, equipment utilization and increase operator/driver site awareness. 

let it be im the Mining or Construction through to the Agricultural industry we have an onboard weighing solution 

Wireless Hook Block Camera Systems


HoistCam is a rugged wireless crane camera system that significantly improves productivity on the job site.HoistCam magnetic mounting system attaches to the hook block in minutes with battery run-time of 8 to 24 hours and transmits a clear video to the operator’s cab.

Obstacle Detection and Backsense Vision Camera Systems


 Brigade Cabled Cameras, Winch Cameras, Mobile Digital Recording, Backup Alarms, Radar, and Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection 

for all fixed and mobile plant requirements

Motec 360° Camera System


The best in German Engineering meets the best camera on the product market. 

Motec have been the forefront leaders in Blindspot vision identification for many years and they are OEM in many civil and plant equipment in use today 

Specialist in 360 degree view systems we can ensure your plant, operators and customers are in safe hands with Motec.

LED & Emergency and Safety Lighting


 First established in the 1980's. We are the supplier of electrical products for automotive and mobile plant equipment. Specialising in all led lighting, minebars, switches, control systems and wiring accessories. 

Aviation Lighting Products


 Delta Box, French manufacturer of Aircraft Obstruction Lights, offers a large range of solutions, diurnal and/or nocturnal, in order to fit the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
Thanks to our experience, our products have been installed all over the world within different fields of applications: Pylons, Chimneys, Civil Engineering Structures, High-Voltage Lines, Wind Turbines, Buildings, Cranes, Airports and Heliports. 



  Tiger Bay Buggy Whips specialise in manufacturing premium quality vehicle Safety Flags.  Tiger Bay Buggy Whips have over 25 years experience in the manufacture and distribution of vehicle safety flags, servicing a wide range of clients both in Australia and around the world. 



SkySaver is an innovative provider of portable emergency evacuation kits utilizing its patented, high quality Controlled Descend Device (CDD) technology for emergency evacuations in industrial and home settings.

SkySaver CDD can be pre-installed on site to be immediately available when needed.

The company is dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of safe and intuitive emergency self-evacuation solutions for commercial and residential use. 




The GRIPPS drop protection equipment collection offers everything you need to build a safer working environment. Our collection of tethers, holsters, belts and attachments has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of a modern workforce. When your role requires precision and reliability in equal measure, choose equipment that enables you to get the job done without compromising on safety. The GRIPPS range has been designed to enable – not hinder – the performance of workers regular duties, all the while making every minute on the job safer.



I Sigalarm is designed to alert equipment operators and other workers to the danger of contact with a live power line. This device will help protect them from injury or death, as well as preventing expensive damage to equipment. 

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